Toas-Tite Pie Makers are Back

Toast-Tite – It’s Back

Toasted pies, bush pies, or hot sandwiches – no matter what you call them, they are a delicious food creation that has people coming back for more. The Toas-Tite pie iron company started back in the 1940’s. Somewhere along the line, the original company disappeared and their coveted pie makers could only be found in the occasional flea market and garage sale – very few people are willing to sell a pie iron once they purchase one. Fortunately, in 2010 two clever entrepreneurs brought the Toas-Tite pie irons back to the waiting public.

boy carefuly holding a new Toas-Tite pie maker

Toas-Tite, where have you been all my life?

The Secret is in the Design

Over the years numerous companies have created (and still manufacture) pie makers. So why would Sue and Jan risk it all to bring a retro cooking appliance back to the market? Simply put, no other pie iron creates a sandwich (pie) as well as the Toas-Tite. The secret is in the design. It is round, compared to the more common square pie irons – this allows for a better seal, no matter what shape your loaf of bread is.  Manufactured to fit snugly together, the Toas-Tite creates a perfect seal around the outside of the pie (the “tite” in Toas-Tite) allowing the contents to steam and toast at the same time. It transforms bread, tortillas, or even pancakes into a perfect pie crust.


Who Uses Toas-Tite?

   While originally it was made for stove-top use, there are a growing number of people using the pie makers for both outdoor and indoor cooking. The product has a following in both the gourmet and foodie crowd. A comfort food, this toasted pie makes a perfect snack for sitting in front of a fireplace or relaxing in an RV. Outdoor cooking is the mainstay of boy scouts, girl guides, and adult campers alike. Toas-Tite has recently released a long handled version of their pie maker. The long handles mean you can keep your hands safely out of the flames while toasting up a meal around the campfire.

Toas-Tite pie maker in campfire

My Thoughts on the Toas-Tite

I complained in a previous post about how the round pie irons work best, but only the square pie irons seemed to be commercially available.  Shortly after, Jan from Toas-Tite contacted me, to let me know that they were just coming back on the market.  I got to test drive the “Toas-Tite™ XL Camper”! Pulling the pie iron from its retro box I noticed the quality workmanship. The ‘business end’ of the pie iron is made from die cast aluminum, so it is light and easy to handle and will never rust. The hinge is robust, and moves smoothly. The handles are made of steel, and at 22 inches long allow precise placement of the Toas-Tite on a hot bed of coals without burning your hands or the handles. Hardwood handles with a wire loop to hold them together finish the pie maker. Everything about the Toas-Tite, from handle to hinge is well made and ready to work.


The Toas-Tite sealed every sandwich perfectly and created a wonderful ‘crust’ on both savory and sweet recipes that I made. It toasts evenly so it is easy to achieve golden brown sandwiches in very little time. The domed center allows plenty of ingredients to be put in each sandwich.


Don’t take my word for it. At $29.95 (US) you can have one of your own – let me know if you agree. Cheers.


Note: I was provided a Toas-Tite™ XL Camper for this review, free of charge.

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  1. Judy Stone says:

    I inherited a cast iron Toast Tite sandwich maker from my grandmother. My children grew up loving the grilled cheese sandwiches that I made for them with it. Now, my daughter has children of her own and casually expressed the wish to make the same kind of sandwiches for her own children. Ah ha, I thought! A perfect birthday present, if I could find one. I was surprised to find the brand name still existed! I ordered one without paying close attention to the fact that it was not made out of cast iron, but stainless steel. It looks just like mine. I am hoping it will cook the same yummy sandwiches that my daughter remembers from her childhood so she can share that part of her growing up years with her children.

    • Hi Judy, You’re right, the new Toas-Tite pie makers are made from aluminum not cast iron. Don’t worry they still make perfectly toasted sandwiches. I am a fan of cooking on cast iron and do own a couple of older cast iron pie makers myself, however they do require some maintenance to keep them rust-free. The new aluminum makers can be washed with soap and water, are lighter making for easy transport, and heat-up quicker than cast iron. Plus your taste buds will never know the difference between the two. Thanks for sharing your story – I hope your daughter and grandchildren enjoy these treats. -Lowell

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