Stix & Stones – A New Outdoor Apparel Company

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Stix & Stones – An Outdoor Lifestyle Company

In November of 2013 I started to see social media posts from an outdoor apparel company I had never heard of before. Stix & Stones was popping up on my news feeds. From what I could tell they had some interesting ideas on promoting an outdoor lifestyle through their clothing and catchy graphics and sayings.

Sure there are many outdoor clothing companies, but few promote our hunting and fishing heritage and even fewer have their roots in Canada. I was curious! Following a link to their website, I found that their business was in the pre-launch phase. I signed up to their mailing list in anticipation of the launch of their online outdoor apparel store. On December 5th, 2013 Stix & Stones went live. They started selling T shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies for both women and men. (By the way, “hoodie” = “bunny hug” for those of you from Saskatchewan.) Fast forward six months, and the Stix & Stones apparel line now includes hats, decals, face masks, and accessories to compliment your outdoor lifestyle. A little bird told me we can expect to see some wet weather jackets and possibly some other Stix & Stones branded outdoor gear in the near future.

The Stix & Stones mission is simple, “…to offer anglers and hunters a sense of style while enjoying their passion for the sport.” Mission accomplished, Stix & Stones! Your bold designs and high quality clothing have this outdoor guy waiting to see what’s next.

I share Stix & Stones’ outdoor philosophywe are meant to be outside. We might as well be cool doing it, by sporting one of the Stix & Stones branded products. Stix & Stones was created by a group of hunters and anglers with a passion for the outdoors. The apparel they sell fits well, is super comfy, and very unique.

If you love fishing or hunting and want to proclaim it in style, be sure to check out Stix & Stones outdoor apparel. All this and they are Canadian too – eh?

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