Choices, Choices – Domtar’s Earth Choice Paper

  I sat back in my chair after sending my document to the printer, and noted that I was running low on paper.  Time to get some more, I thought. Being a thrifty sort I’m always looking for the best prices.  My trip to the office supply store to pick up paper was no different.  […]

Top 10 Hunting Off-season Ideas

I try to plan my hunting year so there is no ‘off-season’. All right, the deer, elk, moose, bear, upland bird, and waterfowl hunting seasons are long over. Sure, my gear is stowed in the closest till this coming fall (for the most part).  For me it is certainly a time to relax, cook, and […]

Shining Arnica

A hardy native wildflower found in southern Saskatchewan, Shining Arnica (Arnica fulgens), though rare in occurrence, can be locally prolific. If encountered this brilliantly yellow flower is often found in large quantities creating a sea of colour in an otherwise barren landscape. This photograph was taken in a native plant nursery, a place where wild […]

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