A Merrick Backcountry Adventure #wild4backcountry

Summer time is camping time. Sure, my dogs and I camp and tromp around in the backcountry all year round, but camping in summer is so much easier and relaxing. Merrick Pet Care contacted me to test their new Backcountry dog food (Read my review here), and offered to send me and my two dogs on […]

Merrick Backcountry – Ultimate Ancestral Diet – Review

Dogs enrich our lives in many ways, from that ever-happy greeting when you come home to the buddy by your side on life’s many adventures. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows exactly what I am talking about. Hunting and fishing provide me and my family with our primary source of high quality protein. […]

Clay Targets – Not Just for Shotgunning

If you tell someone that you just received a WingOne® clay target thrower in the mail, their first thought is likely that you got it to sharpen your shotgun skills. Here in Saskatchewan we are still locked in winter’s grip, yet I didn’t let that deter me from tossing a couple of targets just to see […]

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