The SKS Project – Part 1

Canadian shooters love the SKS rifle. Inexpensive to purchase, loads of available surplus ammo at decent prices, and most importantly fun to shoot! These are a few of the reasons to own a SKS. For this project I will be upgrading a basic mil-surplus Russian SKS rifle with a new stock from ATI as well […]

Sentry Solutions Oil-Free and Dry Lubricants – Review

I use firearms in many parts of my life: work, hunting, target shooting, competition, plinking. I keep my guns clean because I want them to go ‘bang’ when I pull the trigger. Most gun malfunctions can be traced back to improper cleaning. Cleaning involves removing carbon fouling, lead, and copper. Fail to do this and […]

Brownells Affiliate

I am pleased to announce I am a now an affiliate member of Brownells, Sinclair International and Brownells Law Enforcement Division at  I have dealt with both Brownells and Sinclair for several years as a supplier for my shooting, handloading, and gunsmithing interests. Brownells – the parent company has three divisions: Brownells carries firearms […]

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