Bannock Recipe

Most things just taste better cooked over an open fire or that perfect bed of coals – Bannock is one of them. I have fond childhood memories of mixing bannock in a camp cook-set pot until it was the perfect consistency, then carefully winding it around an appropriate stick, and finally buttering and eating it. […]

Stay Warm with C.O.L.D.

I’m one of those people whose internal thermostat is set a little higher than some. You may think this would be an advantage and I suppose at times it is. The problem is that I start to sweat once I get moving, so the moment I stop I get chilled quickly. Moisture quickly wicks heat […]

Bush Pies – The Perfect Camp Food

Bush pies have been a family favorite ever since I was a kid.  Simple in design, “pie irons” allow you to make a toasted sandwich over a campfire by encapsulating the ingredients between two pieces of bread*.  The variety of bush pie ingredients is only limited by the imagination, though we typically make some variation […]

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