Saskatchewan Spring Field Report

2014 Spring Snow Goose and Field Conditions April 23 Update: Heavy rain today. While the weather may alter snow goose behaviour somewhat I don’t suspect it has changed the number of birds in the area. Travel on the gravel roads will be difficult until we have had some warm dry weather. April 22 Update: Today […]

Hunting Snow Geese in the Spring

Spring Snow Storm In The Forecast Spring snow goose season opens April 1 in Saskatchewan. If you’re like me, this winter feels like it has lasted far too long. However there is another snow storm on the horizon – of snow geese! Snow geese breed in the Arctic, on Canada’s northern coast and some large […]

Migration = Gourmet Delight

As first light of day turns the eastern fall sky to hues of apple green and teal blue, the sounds of geese, cranes, and ducks begin to fill the air. Quiet at first, the sounds grow louder as more and more birds chime in on the “morning chorus”. Then as if watching a count-down timer […]

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