Stix & Stones – A New Outdoor Apparel Company

Stix & Stones – An Outdoor Lifestyle Company In November of 2013 I started to see social media posts from an outdoor apparel company I had never heard of before. Stix & Stones was popping up on my news feeds. From what I could tell they had some interesting ideas on promoting an outdoor lifestyle […]

Hunting Late Season Pheasants

I’ve started a tradition in the last couple of years – a “last chance” pheasant hunt.  Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I head out to one of my favorite haunts to give my dog one last good run, to satisfy my passion NEED for pheasant hunting (after Dec 31, no pheasants for 10 […]

We Belong Outdoors

Being outdoors makes me feel alive! The irony of outdoor blogging is that one ends up behind a computer, carefully crafting words for people who are interested in outdoor pursuits, who in turn are sitting at their computers reading these posts. To mediate this, although I am sitting at a computer writing this post, a […]

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