Venison Honey Garlic Sausage Recipe

Honey Garlic Sausage Recipe A mild, tasty sausage, Venison Honey Garlic Sausage is sure to be a favourite family recipe. This sausage recipe uses 25lbs meat. It can be scaled up or down based on the size of batch you want to make. I’ve listed the proportions I used for this batch of sausage (60% […]

Bread Wedges – Recipe

Bread wedges are undeniably a comfort food that compliment many of the fall and winter dishes we all love to cook: stews, chilli, pasta, and roasts to name but a few. The problem with many recipes is they take a long time to prepare and bake. These wedges are made from a ‘batter bread’ dough […]

Bannock Recipe

Most things just taste better cooked over an open fire or that perfect bed of coals – Bannock is one of them. I have fond childhood memories of mixing bannock in a camp cook-set pot until it was the perfect consistency, then carefully winding it around an appropriate stick, and finally buttering and eating it. […]

Dessert Bush Pie Recipe – Black Forest

  One of my most popular posts has been “Bush Pie – The Perfect Camp Food“.  The menu for a strictly “Bush Pie” feast usually includes pizza as the main course followed by some sort of sweet treat – The Dessert Bush Pie.  This past weekend our campfire meal was topped off with a Black […]

Quick Pizza Bush Pie Recipe

Making bush pies by picking individual fillings for a bush pie is a lot of fun.  However if you are looking for the convenience of an ‘all-in-one’ filling this recipe will make bush pies an easy option for camping trips or anytime you come back to camp hungry and wanting a meal NOW. Basic Recipe […]

Migration = Gourmet Delight

As first light of day turns the eastern fall sky to hues of apple green and teal blue, the sounds of geese, cranes, and ducks begin to fill the air. Quiet at first, the sounds grow louder as more and more birds chime in on the “morning chorus”. Then as if watching a count-down timer […]

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