Stainless Steel ‘Soap’

Odor Removal Odor removal can be a challenge, especially with strong smells. Garlic – one of my favourite ingredients to cook with – leaves a strong smell on your hands that can linger for hours.  What’s the best method for removing this odor? The simple solution- rub your hands on a stainless steel sink edge […]

Fisher Space Pen – Review

A Wilderness Tool for 21st Century If Space is “the final frontier”, wilderness was the first. The Fisher Space Pen is the ultimate tool for the outdoor enthusiast, as well as a wide array of interests and occupations such as scuba diving, paramedics, military & police, and construction, to name a few. This pen has […]

Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Review

Removing slivers or splinters is a common First Aid task for anyone who works outside. The Sliver Gripper™ is a simple yet effective tool for removing everything from cactus spines (from both humans and dogs) to thorns and insect stingers to ticks.This tool works so well that I have purchased several over the years.  I […]

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