Hunting Snow Geese in the Spring

Spring Snow Storm In The Forecast Spring snow goose season opens April 1 in Saskatchewan. If you’re like me, this winter feels like it has lasted far too long. However there is another snow storm on the horizon – of snow geese! Snow geese breed in the Arctic, on Canada’s northern coast and some large […]

The Friday 5: Top Reasons for Hunting Pheasants

It’s Friday.  The dog has recovered from our last pheasant hunt and for the most part I have too.  The first snowfall has come and gone, yet it is starting to feel more like early winter than late fall.  Though I was in the field only 6 days ago, I’m yearning to go back. Maybe […]

Early Season Pheasants

Hunting Early Season Pheasants Tactics That Will Put You On The Birds Early season pheasant hunting can either be phenomenal or extremely frustrating. Picture this – Opening weekend, you get up early and head out to one of your favourite spots for hunting pheasants.  You get there well in advance of the time when you’re […]

Top 10 Hunting Off-season Ideas

I try to plan my hunting year so there is no ‘off-season’. All right, the deer, elk, moose, bear, upland bird, and waterfowl hunting seasons are long over. Sure, my gear is stowed in the closest till this coming fall (for the most part).  For me it is certainly a time to relax, cook, and […]

Hunting Late Season Pheasants

I’ve started a tradition in the last couple of years – a “last chance” pheasant hunt.  Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I head out to one of my favorite haunts to give my dog one last good run, to satisfy my passion NEED for pheasant hunting (after Dec 31, no pheasants for 10 […]

Hot Weather and Your Hunting Dog

Last fall I had a real eye opener. We were hunting a field for pheasants in northern Montana – a field that we have hunted several times in the past. The day was windy and hot and the cover was very thick. My dog Radar, a 75lb black lab, had a big drink before we […]

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