Merrick Backcountry – Ultimate Ancestral Diet – Review

Dogs enrich our lives in many ways, from that ever-happy greeting when you come home to the buddy by your side on life’s many adventures. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows exactly what I am talking about. Hunting and fishing provide me and my family with our primary source of high quality protein. […]

Stix & Stones – A New Outdoor Apparel Company

Stix & Stones – An Outdoor Lifestyle Company In November of 2013 I started to see social media posts from an outdoor apparel company I had never heard of before. Stix & Stones was popping up on my news feeds. From what I could tell they had some interesting ideas on promoting an outdoor lifestyle […]

We Belong Outdoors

Being outdoors makes me feel alive! The irony of outdoor blogging is that one ends up behind a computer, carefully crafting words for people who are interested in outdoor pursuits, who in turn are sitting at their computers reading these posts. To mediate this, although I am sitting at a computer writing this post, a […]

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