Early Fall Migration – Sandhill Cranes in Saskatchewan

Migration of Sandhill Cranes Sandhill Cranes start to congregate on the Canadian prairies in early to mid August. Usually by mid-September the number of cranes peak. Twice a day cranes fly from their roosting areas, typically shallow marshes and wetlands, to the croplands to feed, returning to roost several hours later. The call of the […]

Antler at Sunset

The end to a perfect day of hunting for shed antlers with my dog… Please share this image, if you like it. Thanks!

The SKS Project – Part 1

Canadian shooters love the SKS rifle. Inexpensive to purchase, loads of available surplus ammo at decent prices, and most importantly fun to shoot! These are a few of the reasons to own a SKS. For this project I will be upgrading a basic mil-surplus Russian SKS rifle with a new stock from ATI as well […]

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel a.k.a. gopher

The Richardson’s Ground Squirrel, also known as the ‘gopher’, is a small rodent found in the grasslands of North America. While it is at home in the pastures and fields of the prairies it has learned to adapt and thrive in our developed areas as well, often in the absence of its natural predators.  Ground […]


Fiery Dragon Photographed at Night I had some fun photographing “Puff the Magic Dragon” at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska while at the Outdoor Writers Association of America 2012 conference on September 4-6.  The sculpture was created out of steel and its breath was powered by a propane tank siphoned off of a BBQ grill.  […]

Dragonfly on a Black-eyed Susan

Cover Photo The Outdoor Writers Association of America held a photo competition for the cover of their membership directory.  I submitted this photo.  As fortune would have it, this image was selected to adorn the cover of their 2012-13 directory.  Quite an honour! Macro Photography I really enjoy macro photography, especially of our natural world.  Close-up […]

“Did Someone Say Fish?” – American White Pelican in Springtime

American White Pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Every spring, before pelicans start nesting, they congregate in the creeks and shallow bays where fish are spawning, in order to replenish their energy stores. This image is a pelican landing on the water for “refuelling” after spring migration. Photo captured by Nikon D300 – Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm 1:3.5 – […]

I’m Onto You!

I snapped this image of a Great Horned Owl incubating eggs on a late March afternoon in Saskatchewan.  This particular site has had a successful brood for the past seven years. I suspect the coots, pocket gophers, and mice in the area are very nervous! Photo captured by Nikon D300 – AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G […]

Porcupine “Just Hangin’ Out”

  I spotted this porcupine just hangin’ out in a tree in my backyard.  I snapped this image as he was sunning himself on a warm winter afternoon. Like all of the local wildlife, he has had a pretty easy go of it this winter with minimal snowfall and mild temperatures. I left him to […]

Winter in Saskatchewan

The call for “The Look Of Winter” at Outdoor Blogger Network made me want to run outside and snap an image that captures the feeling of our cold harsh winters, in the ‘mostly’ treeless prairies, I call home. However, this winter in Saskatchewan has been unseasonably warm with little snow. So to give you a […]

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