Upland Sportsman Shotgun Sling – Review

Upland Sportsman Shotgun Sling Every once in a while I stumble across hunting or shooting gear that really makes me sit up and take notice. The Upland Sportsman Shotgun Sling is one of those products. It’s designed to carry the weight of a shotgun in the field thereby eliminating arm fatigue. At the same time the shotgun […]

Merrick Backcountry – Ultimate Ancestral Diet – Review

Dogs enrich our lives in many ways, from that ever-happy greeting when you come home to the buddy by your side on life’s many adventures. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows exactly what I am talking about. Hunting and fishing provide me and my family with our primary source of high quality protein. […]

Dorcy ZX300 Zoom Focus Flashlight

Dorcy ZX Series Flashlights I stumbled upon a great new flashlight from Dorcy that is quickly becoming my go-to light source – the Dorcy ZX300 Zoom Focus Flashlight. The flashlight is part of the Dorcy’s ZX Series 3 of focusing LED flashlights. Currently these lights come in four configurations based in size and number of […]

Wolf Premium Oils All-in-One Gun Oil and Cleaner

Wolf All-In-One Gun Oil & Cleaner A New ‘CLP’ for Firearms Take a trip to your local gun shop and you will find a wide selection of firearms maintenance products. My work in the firearms industry has allowed me to use and test a large number of these products. Firearm maintenance products are sold as either […]

Lacrosse AeroHead Boot Review – Warm, comfortable, waterproof

The AeroHead boot by Lacrosse Footwear. High tech comfort, warmth and durability for your feet. These boots use AeroForm technology, where a polyurethane shell is molded around a neoprene core to provide a durable, flexible, insulating and lightweight boot material, superior to rubber. The boots have a thick cushion underfoot, an integrated shank for support […]

Redring Shotgun Sight Review

Shotgun Sights Shotgun sights have remained virtually unchanged since the first scatterguns – typically a brass bead, or more recently a fiber optic post sight. In order to get good at shooting a shotgun, most of us require considerable practice. Shooting with a shotgun is instinctive, more like pointing, quite different from the focused aiming […]

Toas-Tite Pie Makers are Back

Toast-Tite – It’s Back Toasted pies, bush pies, or hot sandwiches – no matter what you call them, they are a delicious food creation that has people coming back for more. The Toas-Tite pie iron company started back in the 1940’s. Somewhere along the line, the original company disappeared and their coveted pie makers could […]

Clay Targets – Not Just for Shotgunning

If you tell someone that you just received a WingOne® clay target thrower in the mail, their first thought is likely that you got it to sharpen your shotgun skills. Here in Saskatchewan we are still locked in winter’s grip, yet I didn’t let that deter me from tossing a couple of targets just to see […]

Sentry Solutions Oil-Free and Dry Lubricants – Review

I use firearms in many parts of my life: work, hunting, target shooting, competition, plinking. I keep my guns clean because I want them to go ‘bang’ when I pull the trigger. Most gun malfunctions can be traced back to improper cleaning. Cleaning involves removing carbon fouling, lead, and copper. Fail to do this and […]

Stainless Steel ‘Soap’

Odor Removal Odor removal can be a challenge, especially with strong smells. Garlic – one of my favourite ingredients to cook with – leaves a strong smell on your hands that can linger for hours.  What’s the best method for removing this odor? The simple solution- rub your hands on a stainless steel sink edge […]

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