Steel Gophers, Non-Stop Fun!

Gopher hunting is a great way of sharpening shooting skills while thinning out the local vermin population. Plinking gophers has been a fun summertime pursuit for many children. Sadly, as summer fades to fall, most of the gophers are deep in sleep, and plinking gets relegated to tin can targets.  Unless…. you have an auto-resetting […]

The SKS Project – Part 1

Canadian shooters love the SKS rifle. Inexpensive to purchase, loads of available surplus ammo at decent prices, and most importantly fun to shoot! These are a few of the reasons to own a SKS. For this project I will be upgrading a basic mil-surplus Russian SKS rifle with a new stock from ATI as well […]

10m Air Pistol – A Shooting Sport Profile

10M Air Pistol (I wrote the following article on 10M air pistol for the Saskatchewan Handgun Association 2012 Fall Newsletter) 10m Air pistol is an International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) sanctioned shooting event that is shot at the Olympics. It is shot with .177 (4.5mm) calibre air pistols at a distance of 10 meters, into […]

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