Lowell's  portrait in the mountains

Lowell Strauss is a biologist and geographer by training, wildlife conservation scientist by profession, and an outdoorsman by choice – he has a passion for all things wild.

Living in the heart of the central flyway in Saskatchewan, Lowell spends a significant amount of time hunting birds or big game, trapping, or fishing. He also enjoys teaching youth outdoor skills. He is a competitive target shooter and range officer with a strong interest in handloading and ballistics.

Lowell is a very hands-on person, and thrives on finding the best tools, techniques, equipment, and recipes. He also enjoys making or modifying his own outdoor gear; from hand forged barbeque tools, to makeshift camp equipment to gunsmithing projects. As a photographer and outdoor writer he will share these facets of his life with you, and hopes that you will do the same in return.

As a member of OWAA, OWC, RMEF, Delta Waterfowl, and DUC, Lowell is committed to the ethical and wise use of our natural resources and their conservation for future generations.

This blog is created for all who love the outdoors. Enjoy!

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