Winter Impressions

I always enjoy finding fresh tracks in the field.  The sense that only minutes earlier a critter was moving through this spot where I’m standing, gives me a thrill. Such was the case when I happened upon these Sharp-tailed grouse marks in the snow. These markings were left by a sharp-tailed grouse whose home stomping […]


As the fall air turns cold and skeins of geese fill the air, I enjoy wandering around in the marsh with my camera with the hope of capturing a glimpse into the lives of our wild neighbours. On a particularly clear day I observed this muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) taking a break on a floating raft […]

Mountain Stream in Early Spring

This prairie boy is still amazed when he sees a flowing mountain stream in the middle of winter. In Southern Saskatchewan, most water is frozen from November until April, so traveling to Canmore, AB this past April was an early glimpse of spring for me. To me this photograph reflects (pun intended) the tranquility of […]

Shining Arnica

A hardy native wildflower found in southern Saskatchewan, Shining Arnica (Arnica fulgens), though rare in occurrence, can be locally prolific. If encountered this brilliantly yellow flower is often found in large quantities creating a sea of colour in an otherwise barren landscape. This photograph was taken in a native plant nursery, a place where wild […]

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